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  • 8U Aledo Black All-Stars

    8U Aledo Black All-Stars

    2021 USSSA All-Star World Series Champions

  • Aledo 9U Black All-Stars

    Aledo 9U Black All-Stars

    2019 USSSA All-Star World Series Champions

  • Aledo 9U Softball All-Stars

    Aledo 9U Softball All-Stars

    2019 PONY Softball All-Star Sectional Champions

  • Aledo 7U Black - Boys Coach Pitch All-Stars

    Aledo 7U Black - Boys Coach Pitch All-Stars

    2019 USSSA All-Star World Series Champions

  • Aledo 8U - Girls Coach Pitch All-Stars

    Aledo 8U - Girls Coach Pitch All-Stars

    2019 PONY Softball World Series - 3rd Place

Return to Play Rules & Guidelines

Participating in social activities and youth sports during the COVID-19 GLOBAL PANDEMIC will carry the inherent risk of contracting the disease!

By using the website or attending any activity associated with Aledo Athletics, Inc., you are acknowledging the inherent danger associated with social activities such as youth sports.

No one with a fever shall be allowed to enter the park. Anyone exhibiting symptoms will not be allowed entry. AAI reserves the right to perform temperature check stations if they so desire.

Per Governor Abbott's Executive Order 29, dated July 2, 2020, every person in Texas shall wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when inside a commercial entity or other building or space open to the public, or when in an outdoor public space, wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet social distancing from another person not in the same household; provided, however, that this face covering requirement does not apply to the following:

    1. Any person younger than 10 years of age is not required to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth;
    2. Any person with a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering;
    3. Any person while the person is consuming food or drink, or is seated at a restaurant to eat or drink;
    4. Any person while the person is (a) exercising outdoors or engaging in physical activity outdoors, and (b) maintaining a safe distance from other people not in the same household;  

The Executive Order GA-29 in its entirety can be found here:

Bleacher seating will have reduced capacity. Please bring your own chair and spread out down the foul lines and around the outfield where space allows.



There are enhanced risks of participants being in direct contact with anyone age 65 or older for 14 days after participating in a sport event or practice.

If coaches, players and/or spectators refuse to follow Governor Abbott's Executive Order GA-29, AAI reserves the right to remove the individual(s) from the ballpark.

Best Practices for the Field-of-Play

The managers meeting at home plate should be limited to one coach from each team plus the umpires. No players at plate meeting. Eliminate the meeting if possible. 

Allow teams to spread players out; expand the dugout area when room permits and only if player safety will not be compromised. Expansion of the team dugouts should not be done into foul ball areas. Attempt to limit bench personnel to essential team personnel. 

Encourage parents to supply their players with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer for disinfecting shared playing equipment and cleaning hands between innings. 

Players may wear PPE items if they choose, as long as the items do not compromise the safety of any and all participants in the game. 

Plastic face shields are not allowed on the field of play unless they are specifically designed for baseball/softball.

Teams are required to clean their dugout of all trash and other items after each game, and to wipe down (clean) hard surfaces such as benches, bat racks, etc. 

Upon arriving at a dugout for the first time, teams are to disinfect hard surface areas (benches, bat racks, etc.). This, and the aforementioned, will comply with the CDC recommendation of a two-step process for cleaning and disinfecting. 

No handshakes during pre-game meeting

No high fives or handshakes between players during or post-game

ALL PLAYERS MUST DRINK FROM THEIR OWN WATER CONTAINER. Teams are not allowed to have communal drink stations or water jugs.

No sunflower seeds, chewing gum, or spitting.

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