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  • 8U Aledo Black All-Stars

    8U Aledo Black All-Stars

    2021 USSSA All-Star World Series Champions

  • Aledo 9U Black All-Stars

    Aledo 9U Black All-Stars

    2019 USSSA All-Star World Series Champions

  • Aledo 9U Softball All-Stars

    Aledo 9U Softball All-Stars

    2019 PONY Softball All-Star Sectional Champions

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    Aledo 7U Black - Boys Coach Pitch All-Stars

    2019 USSSA All-Star World Series Champions

  • Aledo 8U - Girls Coach Pitch All-Stars

    Aledo 8U - Girls Coach Pitch All-Stars

    2019 PONY Softball World Series - 3rd Place

League Age

Each division has an upper and a lower age, which is determined by a player's actual age versus the age cutoff date for a particular association (USSSA for baseball and PONY for softball).  League age may be different than the player's actual age at the time of registration, or even the date on which a season's games start.  Please answer the league age questions accurately in registration process as we use those numbers to sort players for tryouts and drafts. 

Age cutoff dates are: December 31, 2022 for girls softball and May 01, 2024 for boys baseball.

  • Example 1: A boy baseball player was 9 years old when registration for 10U occurred in December, but he will turn 10 on March 30. Since he will be 10 years old on or before the age cutoff, as mentioned above, his league age puts him in the 10U Division even though he was 9 years old when you registered him.
  • Example 2: A boy baseball player elects to play-up (see Play-up Rule below) and is 8 years old at the time of registration for the 10U Division and will not turn 9-years-old until May 12. He is eligible to play-up and will be league age "Play-up 9" on the registration form, since that is the lowest league age for 10U.
  • Example 3: A girl softball player is 10 years old when you register her on December 1, but she turns 11-years-old on December 20. She played 10U last season but she is now a league age 11 and will play in 12U Softball division.

For additional help with league age, go to:

Play-up Rule

Options for play-ups are as follows:

A player that is one league age (refer to league age definition above) below may elect to play-up into the league directly above for the entire season, beginning with 8U Coach Pitch and extending through older leagues.

  • Example: a baseball player is 8 years old by May 01 but with a birthday on August 27. He is eligible to play up into 10U Division in the spring season (but not 12U) even though he will not be 9 years old until August. This applies to all age groups EXCEPT 4U. A player that is not yet 5-years-old by May 01, cannot play-up an entire season into T-ball. Additionally, in the example above, if the player is still 7 years old on May 1, he is not eligible to play-up into 10U. Again, to play-up an entire season, the player must only be one league age below. These decisions should be well thought out by parents/guardians before the online registration is filled out. That said, our registration programs will only allow a play-up registration of a player one league below (again, beginning with 8U Coach Pitch).  During registration, you will see an option for "Play-up (age)" in the "League Age" form field.  Please fill this out accurately so league age will be reflected appropriately in our reports.

A player may be selected to play-up in a game-by-game scenario in the event a team in the league above cannot field a team. In this case, the temporary play-up player simply must be in the league directly below the league that he/she would play-up into for a particular game (does not have to be one league age below as in the rule stated above). This applies to all leagues equally, with one exception, a 3-year-old 4U player may not play-up in a T-ball game. 4U temporary play-up players must be 4 years old. In all other temporary, one game play-up cases, the "one league age below" rule does not apply.  Other conditions in this rule are:

  • The play-up player must not miss his/her own team's game in order to play-up with a team in the league above (you can't skip your game to play-up in another).
  • The play-up player must bat last and play outfield in the play-up game. No exceptions.
  • The coach using the play-up player must report the play-up player to the opposing coach and umpires before the game starts.
  • In all leagues and divisions, including 6U T-ball and 8U Coach Pitch, we may allow 10 (sometimes more if necessary) players to play defensively, however a complete team is technically nine players. If a team in T-ball or Coach Pitch has 11 players but is missing two players for a particular game, the Coach is not eligible to call up a play-up player. In all leagues, the entire roster bats in the lineup and a team will not have to take an out for missing players, unless the team is reduced to eight players. In that case, the team is eligible to utilize a play-up player.
  • No more than three play-up players may be utilized at one time on one team.

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