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Registration fees are sometimes hard to come by. Most folks won't ask for help and we want all local children to be able to play here at AAI, as that has been our mission for 40 years. Here is how YOU can help those that need help with fees....

Sponsor a Player - at any time, through our online registration programs, you can register and pay online for a child as a sponsor.  Whether it's your neighbor, a co-worker, or someone you just met a school event, you can sign them up. Simply sign up to open an account (this gives you a profile in our system), and add the child to your account. You will be allowed to enter different addresses for the sponsored player and your own profile - so you will need the child's address and a parent/guardian phone number (along with DOB and shirt size, etc). Then follow the steps for registration in the appropriate age division.  Be sure to answer the form field(s) and registration questions that lets you declare your sponsorship for the specific child's registration.

Scholarship Fund - from time to time, we receive special gifts that are set aside as aide for registration fees for our members that may fall short for whatever reason.  You can donate to this general fund in $50 increments and pay online.  Every season, someone out there needs help. Choose your level:

$50 Scholarship

$100 Scholarship

$150 Scholarship

$300 Scholarship

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